Better Process.

Better Solutions.

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.
Mike Tyson

Life is full of challenges. Some we choose, and some choose us. How we react in the face of challenges determines our individual and collective futures. Yet, in most cases, we have not deeply explored and developed our frameworks for managing and learning from Challenges.

We believe having a framework to help us identify, manage and grow from challenges is crucial. The Challenge Institute supports a framework for authentic lifelong learning while taking on the Challenges we face. Having a framework to turn to when we face metaphorical punches allows us to identify better and more sustainable solutions.


Thought Leadership

We continue to evolve the Challenge Based Learning Framework developed at Apple and used around the world.

Planning & Support

We provide Challenge Based program planning and development for education and business. 


Challenge based conference and event guiding. Help your participants get the most out of the experience.



We initiate, collect, and curate, research concerning the Challenge Framework and Challenge Based Learning.

Resource Creation

We work with organization to create supporting courses and materials for using the Challenge Framework. 

Program Evaluation

Challenge Based Program documentation and evalaution. We can help you understand and tell your story.

“We are all Learners. We are all teachers. By moving beyond the traditional hierarchy of the school and classroom, we can create environments where all stakeholders are working together to learn while solving authentic Challenges.”