Current Projects

We manage the CBL website. The primary source of information and resources for CBL. Resources include ideas for getting started, templates and examples.

CBL User Guide

The Challenge Based Learning User Guide is for anyone interested in building learning communities focused on identifying Challenges, learning and implementing thoughtful and sustainable solutions.

CBL Literature Review and Library

A comprehensive literature survey and executive summary of Challenge Based Learning publications providing insight into the global adoption and impact of the framework. 

Developer Academies

We provide pedagogical support for the Apple Developer Academies globally. The Academies use CBL for planning and implementation of the curriculum. 

Rise Project

We developed the challenges used for the application process and conference capstone projects. Rise is a program from Schmidt Futures that supports talented your from around the globe.


We have a range of projects designed to support the adoption and implementation of CBL. These include a book, series of white papers, additonal studies and an app.