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The Challenge Institute (CI) was created to extend the foundational work of Apple, Inc. on Challenge Based Learning (CBL). The CBL framework is used around the world and has been effectively modified to improve work in fields as diverse as software development and counseling. The mission of the CI is to support this expansion and provide support for communities around the world to adopt and customize the framework to develop a reliable framework for developing sustainable solutions to contextual challenges. 

In the spring of 2018, the Institute is taking a significant step forward by partnering with Digital Promise to support the missions of both organizations to accelerate innovation and improve opportunities for all individuals.

Working together we seek to share the power of the Challenge framework and develop a world where everyone can identify challenges and build sustainable solutions. With so many significant challenges on the horizon, we need to continue to build our capacity to develop sustainable solutions. 



Mark Nichols

Founder and Executive Director

Mark has 30 years in the field of education including positions as a middle and secondary teacher and coach, outdoor educator, wilderness guide/instructor, district technology and curriculum director, professional development provider, multimedia/web/graphic designer, consultant and faculty/program director at the university level. During his 10 years at Arizona State University Mark moved from director of educational technology at KAET/PBS, to a faculty member in the COE, to a director within the University Technology Office. 

Intertwined with his experience in public and private education is over a decade working with and for Apple in a variety of roles including Apple Distinguished Educator, contractor, a Development Executive and Manager of Online Content. Mark was an integral part of the original ACOT2 team that developed the concept of Challenge Based Learning (CBL), co-authored the CBL white paper, and managed the pilot and implementation projects for Apple. Mark has degrees in political science and economics, theology, education, public policy, and is currently pursuing a degree in graphic Information technology. He is also a proud owner of a lifelong ABD/PhD in Education.