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CBL 3.0

We worked with Apple, Inc. and Digital Promise to update CBL and transition the content into a new environment. A primary goal of the project was to make CBL more accessible and sustainable. This work includes strategic planning, project management, website development, media creation, writing, and design work. We have authored a book and continue to manage the website.


Challenge: Make CBL more accessible and sustainable.

Apple Developer Academies

We are leading the pedagogical efforts in the Apple Developer Academies in Brazil, Italy, and Indonesia. Working out from the challenge  - Create World Class Developers we have facilitated a variety of different Challenge Based pedagogical and software development models (Challenge Based Development). The lessons gleaned from this work are important for schools or organizations considering adding coding to their core curriculum.

Challenge: Create World Class Developers

Conference Guiding


We have worked with Apple Education in London and Calgary to use the CBL framework to guide participants through the conference experience. This new model asssits the particpants with threading the conference content together, developing contextual challenges and creating an action plan before heading back to their sites. The model allows the participants to get more from the conference and provides important insight and next steps for the conference conveners.

Challenge: Improve the conference experience.

XQ Project - Vista High School

Challenge Based Learning is an Integral part of the winning XQ proposal developed by Digital Promise and Vista High School. We are working to integrate CBL with personalized learning in an effort to transform a comprehensive high school.

Challenge: Make learning personal and meaningful.

School and District Work

We work closely with Digital Promise to offer consulting and professional services to districts and schools interested in implementing or expanding CBL. From coast to coast we are actively involved with developing contextual models of CBL to support their goals and strategies of schools. 

Challenge: Create powerful learning experiences.

The Pattern Project

Along with our main stream projects we like to add some work that is interesting but lets say a bit "out there". This project is the collection of pictures depicting different patterns (organized and random) from around the world that can be used as writing prompts and discussion starters. 

Challenge: Establish connections through patterns.

The Australia Project

Australia schools were early adopters of CBL and have developed very succesful schoolwide models. We will begin to work with these schools to learn from them and work together to update and expand the model. 

Challenge: Expand the use of CBL in Australia and New Zealand.